How Tight Is Your Belt?


Tomorrow we’re kicking off our Corporate and Individual Wellness Challenge – “Tighten Your Belt.”  We’re encouraging individuals and companies to help create a healthier region.  The challenge includes points for weight loss, number of steps taken, number of hours exercised, and attendees can gain extra points by attending “Tighten Your Belt” educational programs and more.

In addition to a healthy 2011, participants will be eligible to win fabulous prizes, including


Gold Medal: $1,000 toward a new wardrobe

Silver Medal: $500 toward a new wardrobe

Bronze Medal: $250 toward a new wardrobe


The team with the highest score at the end of the competition will win the Corporate Wellness Award, which includes $2,500 toward exercise equipment for the office/breakroom, a featured story in the Republican-American Fall, 2011 HealthMatters supplement, and more!


Here are some staggering statistics on health and wellness in the U.S. from the American Heart Assocation, a “Tighten Your Belt” partner:

Nearly four in ten American adults believe they have ideal heart health (39%). Less than one in ten believes they have poor heart health (5%).
The majority of adults have visited a doctor or healthcare professional within the past year (80%).
70% of Americans report being told to make lifestyle changes by a doctor or other healthcare professional.
One third report being told each to exercise more (35%) and that they are overweight (33%).
One in five adults report currently being a smoker (19%).
Fewer than two in ten American adults (15%) achieve AHA’s recommended levels of moderate aerobic exercise, which is 150+ total minutes per week.
For more than four of ten adults, eating 9 servings of fruits and veggies (44%) or eating fish at least 2 times per week (45%) is a rare activity.


You can tighten your belt this year!  Take the first step by visiting the American Heart Association‘s “Life’s Simple 7” website and taking the simple assessment to find out what small changes you can make that will have a BIG impact on your health.

Then register to participate in the Waterbury Regional Chamber Health Care Council’s “Tighten Your Belt” challenge.  Call (203) 757-0701 for more information.


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